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Re: 72 CB750 stumble off idle when hot. « Reply #76 on: May 23, 2017, 07:44:16 pm ». Sorry to be turning the thread into an 'oil thread' about carbs... :/. The 657a carbs all came originally with brass floats, and one float was set at 24-25mm, the other 1mm higher (25-26mm). The difference of 1mm overall was based on which adjuster slot the. No modifications or head work required. Stock springs OK. More power thru RPM range; slightly higher idle speed; smoothness unaffected. D. DAYTONA + 19/45. 45/19 ... RACING CAMS: HONDA, 1969-78 CB750. RC240 Torque Cam - The only R.C. Honda cam that can be bolted into a stock motor without piston valve pocket machining. No head disassembly.

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